September is National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month takes place in September and is an important time for us to acknowledge the number of people who are suffering from substance use disorders across North America and the rest of the world. There are approximately 20 million people across America suffering from different substance use disorders. Very few receive the treatment […]

Children and Mental Health: Why It’s Important to Have a Treatment Plan

Mental health disorders can be experienced by everyone no matter their race, gender or age – including children. Many people are reluctant to diagnose young children. There are some who might think that what we are diagnosing are really just normal behaviors exhibited by children. However, these disorders have symptoms that are extreme manifestations of […]

Technology and Mental Health: Finding Support Through Apps

With so many advances in technology, we are reaching greater heights in terms of quality and accuracy of healthcare. One of the simplest ways technology has branched into mental healthcare has been through the development and usage of apps. There are many benefits of apps that are focused on improving mental healthcare; they provide a […]

Depression Awareness: New Treatments

Depression has become one of the most well-known mental health disorders, mostly due to how common the disorder is. This has come with many advantages; as more people have opened up about their mental health disorders in one area, this has spread to other areas of mental health. This has led to less misinformation, an […]

Friendship Day: Building Strong Support Systems

On August 4th, 2019 many people throughout the USA celebrated Friendship Day.  Friendship Day is dedicated to emphasizing the importance of having strong support systems that you can consistently rely on. Making close connections with people is very important. Recent research has shown that people are becoming increasingly lonesome with each year, which can be […]

Dementia: Understanding It, Causes and Treatments

In recent years, as the elderly population has been growing, there has been increasing talk of dementia: how it develops and how we can help the growing population that is suffering from this brain disorder. Dementia has been used as a catch-all phrase for age-related mental decline and is often used to describe a multitude […]

Brain Stimulation Therapies: Treatment Options for Mental Health

Over the years, the search for direct approaches to mental health disorders has been on the rise. People are leaning away from the constant barrage of medication or prospect of brain surgery in pursuit of less invasive means. Before the innovation of the last century, we didn’t have many comprehensive approaches for tackling mental health […]

Stimulant Use Disorder

There are many different kinds of drugs that constitute a substance use disorder. One category of drugs that is commonly misused are stimulants. Use of these drugs can lead to a stimulant use disorder. Stimulants give the user a “high” effect, resulting in euphoria, insomnia and increased energy, which are often followed by withdrawal symptoms. […]

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