Spring has arrived, along with our Spring 2023 newsletter. Lifeline Connections celebrates expansion in Skagit County, a one year anniversary for Men’s Low-Intensity Residential in Bellingham, WA, and continues to get further involved in the local community. Download and re

What is National Nurses Week? This year, National Nurses Week is May 6th – 12th, 2023. The theme is: Nurses Make a Difference: Anytime, Anywhere – Always. It couldn’t be truer. This week and every day, Lifeline Connections is beyond grateful for all of the hard-working nurs

What is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Weeks? In 2023, National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW) is March 20-26. This week is meant to inspire conversation about the science of substances and substance use disorders among youth. It gives an opportunity for scientists, student

Be more active Although winter weather is still here, there are many ways to be more active and to become even healthier; both physically and mentally. With that comes improved focus, better sleep, and it simply helps you be happier. Pick a fun activity Pick an outdoor activity a

Better self-awareness can help happiness and self-esteem During times of heightened emotions, a healthy debate can spark rage, leading to insults that have nothing to do with the original subject. Although it is possible for two people with differing opinions to have a healthy di

Honoring those that are Black and in recovery Many individuals are Black and in recovery that you may not know about. As we continue celebrating and honoring Black individuals’ achievements this February it’s important to celebrate those that are black and in recovery. Wh

Better self-esteem is in your hands Confidence and security naturally help with better self-esteem. However, it can feel as though everyone is surrounded by the portrayal of perfection. Which can make it hard to feel content with our own lives. Low self-esteem can compound severa

Our Winter 2023 newsletter is here! Throughout 2022 we celebrated a milestone 60th anniversary, announced a new CEO and continued to serve those in our community looking to begin their recovery journey. This year brings newly expanded hours in the North Sound, other new executive

Who was Martin Luther King Jr.? Many of us remember Martin Luther King Jr. from his famous I Have A Dream Speech but what else do we really know about him? Martin Luther King Jr.’s early life He was born January 15th, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia with the given name Michael Lut

Tips to Help Your Kids With Stress Many of us know kids with stress and that some even experience it on a daily basis. Do you know how to help your kids with stress? It can be a sensitive topic of conversation and there can also be multiple causes. Additionally, some of those cau

Tips to say no Everyone needs tips to say no during recovery, especially if you’re just leaving a treatment facility. Typically it’s one of the things your treatment team will address before you leave. However, if you’ve decided to stop using substances on your own you’ll

Holiday Spotlight: Hanukkah There are many holidays celebrated around the world and at times around in our own neighborhood. One of the more common holidays in December aside from Christmas is Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah). Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish celebration also know

Indoor activities help in cold weather With the ever-increasing cooler, Fall weather, it can be hard to think of indoor activities to do with the family or on your own. Create decorations There are many pumpkin patches that are discounting unsold pumpkins, gourds and other decora

How do you manage Election Day stress? It can be hard to manage Election Day stress. Did you know that stress causes anxiety and is the most common mental health condition in the US? Over 40 million people over the age of 18 are managing anxiety. That’s over 19% of the total po

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