How To Maintain Health and Wellness

In a world that is becoming increasingly obsessed with wellness and health, finding a balance between all the things that you should be doing can be difficult. While more focus has been put onto general wellness, this can be difficult to achieve due to common financial, or social barriers. It can be difficult to maintain […]

Therapy and Mental Health: Common Myths

Going to therapy is one of the most helpful things that people can do for the benefit of their mental health. There are several different kinds of therapy that might be used depending on the disorder that is being treated, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Family Therapy. The type of therapy used varies, depending on […]

Postpartum Depression: Common Myth’s and Misconceptions

Postpartum depression is stigmatized just like other common mental disorders have been over the past several decades. Due to a growing recognition of the condition, we are learning more and more about this disease that strikes at least 15% of the population every year. There are always overwhelming expectations placed on parents-to-be, which create a […]

Understanding and Treating Phobias

Phobia is a common term, often used in passing, to refer to trivial or minor fears. Someone might have an aversion or fear towards a concept like heights or insects, but that does not make it a diagnosable phobia. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of […]

Anxiety Disorders: What They Do and Where They Come From

There are a variety of anxiety-related disorders including phobias, social anxiety, and PTSD. With an increasing prevalence of these types of disorders, one has to wonder where do these varieties of mental illnesses come from? Some level of anxiety is normal, especially in stressful situations. Anxiety disorders can be differentiated from normal levels of anxiety […]

Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Trauma can come in many shapes and forms. No matter the form or variety of possible trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is very real to those who experience it. There are many different scenarios that can trigger PTSD in an individual. Some possible scenarios are veterans returning from war, serious accidents (like a serious […]

Schizophrenia: Overcoming Stigma Around Mental Health Disorders

Although schizophrenia is not as common as other mental health illnesses, it carries a significant amount of stigma and is often what people think about when they imagine mental health disorders. In fact, only 1 % of the population suffers from the disorder. The main symptoms for the disorder are delusions and visual or audible […]

Understanding Narcolepsy: How, Why and Treatment

While sleep disorders might not be what we first think of when talking about mental health disorders, sleep is heavily implicated in our overall health and day-to-day well being. When our sleep routine and quality changes, it can affect our bodies in negative ways. One of the most common symptoms of various mental health disorders […]

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