With the impending cooler, Fall weather and lack of public indoor places open, it can be hard to think of indoor activities to do with the family or on your own. Carve or decorate pumpkins Whether you choose to visit a pumpkin patch this year or not, you can still have a lot of f

With the continuation of COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, Lifeline Connections has transitioned all outpatient services to telehealth. This includes assessments, therapy, group sessions and outpatient and problem gambling treatment. What is telehealth? Telehealth is hea

Stress is an issue that many of us experience, sometimes daily. Financial obligations, jobs, family responsibilities and the worry that there isn’t enough time in the day can cause us to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Over time, an overabundance of stress can take a toll on our

Today is National Depression Screening Day. Many mental health organizations participate to encourage screening, including Mental Health America’s B4Stage4 campaign. Stage 4 is often attributed to the stages of cancer or other terminal physical disease. But it also applies to m

This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. Today we would like to bring awareness to one of the most common types of mental health conditions; depression. An estimated 17.3 million adults in the United States have experienced at least one major depressive episode in the past twe

It’s the first of October, which means summer is almost over. The warm weather and sunny days are quickly transitioning to shorter, rainier ones. The cold and rain can make people hibernate, not socialize and stay indoors to avoid the weather. Think about the things fall and wi

Suicide prevention is an important, growing public health concern as COVID-19 continues. In 2018 over 48,000 people died by suicide and during that year, was the 10th leading cause of death. While there isn’t a lot of data compiled over the timeframe that COVID-19 has affected

Give More 24 is Southwest Washington’s largest day of giving. It lasts for 24 hours annually on September 24th. You don’t need anyone to tell you the world is a stressful place right now. Washington’s Department of Health is reporting a surge in substance abuse and mental h

Whether in the form of drugs or alcohol, substance use is a growing public health concern among teens. What often begins as experimentation or peer pressure can turn into misuse. Once a substance use disorder develops, treatment is often the only option that can help a teen. How

For the last few decades a significant amount of time, money and resources have been spent to research and report the benefits of quitting smoking. It’s likely that you have heard that tobacco causes cancer, other health problems and can cause second hand smoking issues. But wh

National Recovery Month takes place in September and is an important time for us to acknowledge the number of people who are suffering from substance use disorders across North America and the rest of the world. There are approximately 20 million people across America suffering f

There are many benefits of recovery with the healthiest being free of substances. However, many people may not look at the long term health benefits of recovery. Substances put such a strain on your body physically and emotionally that it doesn’t take the body long to begin to

September is National Recovery Month and we are celebrating through art. We are asking people in the recovery community to showcase their artistic expression. Art is a beautiful form of expression that helps reduce anxiety, build self-esteem and can help manage behaviors associat

Substance use can be very harmful emotionally, physically and to relationships. At least $600 billion is spent annually on healthcare, lost productivity and crime due to the misuse of drugs and alcohol. However, statistics have shown a positive trend with substance use treatment.

Substance Use Disorder is a disease that affects a person’s behavior and brain and leads to the inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug, medication or alcohol. Statistics According to a 2018 survey reported by SAMHSA, over 60% of those 12 or older used a substan

People may know what anxiety feels like but it isn’t easy to understand the variety of anxiety disorders and how they are classified. All of them have one thing in common: An excessive or persistent worry that may not be applicable to a situation. Similarly, these anxieties

The year is almost halfway over. Do you have goals you would still like to achieve? If you still have a personal changes or improvements it’s never too late to start. Take these tips and start. The journey may seem long, but with each accomplishment you will build confidenc

We are proud to announce that our Crisis Wellness Center’s Triage and Stabilization Program will open soon. This is a voluntary program that will provide a safe, supportive alternative to hospital emergency departments or incarceration for those experiencing an acute behavi

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