Smoking Cessation in Substance Use Treatment

smoke free treatment

We are a smoke-free treatment facility  It’s not uncommon to see eyes get big and feel hearts skip a beat when we tell patients, future patients and even community partners that our residential treatment programs are smoke-free. Many can’t imagine why they need to or how they could give up smoking if they’re giving up […]

Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

Healthy Boundaries

The longer you are in recovery, the more you learn and rediscover yourself. This includes what you like, don’t like and how you’re willing to be treated – which is why establishing healthy boundaries is so important. What is a boundary? A boundary is a guideline that defines a permissible way for others to treat […]

Campapalooza: A Fundraiser Supporting Lifeline Connections Programs


Campapalooza is coming to the Hilton Vancouver, May 2nd, 2020! Campapalooza is a fundraiser to support the many programs we offer at Lifeline Connections. Lifeline Connections history  Our doors opened in 1962 and we serve our community with behavioral health treatment services grounded in proven practices.  We help members of our community find hope and […]

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy

Art therapy is an important and increasingly valued tool used by counselors. The people that can benefit from art therapy are endless; children with ADHD, patients with Dimentia to inmates in prison. It lets the person explore their feelings and experiences through creating their own art. This opens them up for another way to begin […]

Warning Signs of Relapse

Relapse Warning Signs

What are the warning signs of a relapse? Did you know that up to 90% of those in recovery are likely to relapse at least once over a four year period? The beginning signs of a relapse are subtle, but slowly increase. It’s important to understand each part and what to do. There are many […]

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is one of the many types of depression that comes around during certain times of the year. Symptoms include changes in appetite or weight, sleep and fatigue. This is very similar to clinical depression. Seasonal affective disorder greatly impacts a person’s ability to function and its important for people to seek […]

What is Problem Gambling?

Problem Gambling

There is a fine line between gambling occasionally and having it become a problem. People from all walks of life are affected by gambling disorder. Gambling stimulates the brain’s reward system like alcohol and other drugs, and can easily get out of control. With the internet, apps on smartphones and many local establishments have gaming […]

Holiday Stress and Mental Health

Holiday Stress

While there is joy and wonder around the holidays, there can also be stress. Keeping up with cheer, maintaining our relationships and celebrating are examples of holiday stress. There are many factors that contribute to or worsen pre-existing mental health challenges. These issues can also be exacerbated with health issues that might be triggered by […]

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