The Impact of Racism on Mental Health


Although a lot of progress has been made in past decades, racism is still a very serious issue in the US. This is also one of the contributing factors to Black Americans being 10% more likely to experience serious psychological distress. Other factors this group also faces are poor access to quality healthcare. This can […]

Coping With Situations Out Of Your Control


There are many things in life that are out of our control. Some things are easier than others to accept; traffic laws, how others drive or the options available at a restaurant. But over the last few months the types of uncontrollable things can feel overwhelming. From being told where you can go, what’s deemed […]

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder

During the last part of Mental Health Awareness Month, we will focus on one of the commonly misunderstood mental health disorders; bipolar disorder. It’s used to describe a person’s mood swings. While mood swings in some way are a part of the disorder, it is not a complete indicator of this illness. It takes an […]

Taking Care of Your Mental Health during a Pandemic


Many website, organization and news channels keep repeating the same phrase: Take care of your mental health. But, what can you do realistically with the current pandemic to take care of your mental health? An important and maybe the first thing a person can do is empower themselves with knowledge and know the facts. Spread […]

Pets and Mental Health

pets mental health

As most of our communities remain largely closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have turned to their pets for stress relief. What makes a person desire animal companionship? Some people had a pet during childhood while others have pets to assist them with a physical or mental disability such as epilepsy, or autism […]

Yoga for Mental Health Benefits

yoga mental health

Since the early 1970s, alternative forms of stress-reduction have been studied as possible treatments for depression and anxiety. Yoga didn’t receive much attention on this thought until it became overall more popular in the past decade. Classes can vary from gentle to strenuous or challenging. The most common type of yoga practiced in the US […]

Telehealth Tips during COVID-19


With the recent COVID-19 social/physical distancing requirements, Lifeline Connections has transitioned all outpatient services to telehealth. This includes assessments, therapy, group sessions and outpatient and problem gambling treatment. What is telehealth? Telehealth is healthcare provided using technology such as phones, secure video conferencing software (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.) and text. This makes seeking treatment for substance […]

Sleep Is Important For Your Mental Health


It’s well known that everyone needs to get enough sleep and the recommended hours are seven to nine hours a night. But the majority of adults don’t get this basic need filled. It could be long hours at work or other obligations. Sometimes it’s stress that keeps people awake and unable to sleep. The Right […]

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