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Celebrate Valentine's Day

Tips to Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Recovery

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in recovery

In recovery, it can seem challenging to celebrate Valentine’s Day without alcohol. Many people, and the media associate any celebration, but especially Valentine’s Day with champagne or wine. That alone can be a trigger, so it’s important to have things in place to help because there are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in recovery.

  1. Mix sparkling water with some type of fruit juice

    • A lot of people in recovery or early recovery have said that having something carbonated can satisfy the need to have alcohol. When you mix something healthy like sparkling water with fruit juice or even lemon or lime, it can be a delicious treat.
  2. Make sure your guests know your gathering is alcohol-free

    • If you plan to host a dinner or other type of get-together, let everyone know that it will be alcohol-free. This eliminates a potential surprise at the door that could lead to temptation.
  3. Decorate your space

    • It can help to distract yourself from the desire to drink alcohol if you give yourself something to do. Decorating and making the space you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in can be a productive, fun way to spend your time.

What if you still find yourself in need of more help?

Lifeline Connections offers an integrated, holistic approach that includes therapy and case management. Our doctors specialize in the treatment of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. They work to solve ones that have a compounding effect. Contact us and reclaim your life.

Contact a doctor for a referral or find a therapist. They can work to design a custom plan for wellness.  Secure treatment is over the phone or computer with telehealth, providing coping skills for grief, loss, depression and anxiety. They will work with you one-on-one to get you feeling better.

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