Substance Use Outpatient Services

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Substance Use Outpatient Services

Lifeline Connections offers outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment to help individuals manage the symptoms of their substance use disorder. Many different treatment approaches from individual, group and family therapy are utilized to help individuals learn the skills and make the necessary life changes. Medications and peer support services are also provided to help individuals maintain their recovery.

If you are you looking for Substance Use Disorder Inpatient Services, click here.


The assessment is the first step in your treatment journey. Our caring team of professional counselors will complete an assessment to identify what level of treatment is recommended. This is what’s used to create your individualized treatment plan and begin your recovery journey. Please see a location page for specific hours.

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Life is busy. Between time spent at work and with family, even the most important issues affecting your life can seem challenging. Our outpatient treatment programs are designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to maintain your obligations while still seeking treatment.

MAR (Medication Assisted Recovery)

Medication Assisted Recovery uses FDA-approved medications to reduce withdrawal and cravings or to block the effects of opioids and alcohol. If you need help overcoming a reliance on prescription pain medication, heroin, or alcohol, our medication assisted treatment and recovery program can provide the support you need. This low-barrier program assists with cravings for successful recovery.

After fighting the battle of addiction for the last 12 years I have finally had the opportunity to live with the support of Lifeline and its Suboxone program. With the combination of medication and treatment the urges to use, the up and down emotions and the struggle are all more easy to handle and life is amazing.
– former patient

Individuals interested in immediate access to this lifesaving medication can walk-in for Rapid Response Clinic at the following locations during specified dates and times.

Therapeutic Specialty Courts

Lifeline Connections provides assessments and diversion treatment for adults as a sentencing alternative for people with substance use disorder.

Those in the judicial system often need hope—not jail time. When individuals choose to seek help instead of going to jail or facing more legal issues, local courts refer them to us. Our highly skilled and caring staff assesses each patient to determine a custom therapy and treatment services plan. Throughout treatment, we attend court regularly to advocate for our patients and underscore the progress they’re making.

Peer Support

Support from your community can play a key role in your ongoing success. We’ll help you build a strong network to bolster your recovery after treatment.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Healing stems from feeling connected – yet those who are Deaf or hard of hearing often feel isolated in a verbal environment. We’re one of just a few substance use outpatient treatment programs in the nation that have counselors who are Deaf and/or hard of hearing and are fluent in American Sign Language.

As part of our program, you can start taking back your life alongside other individuals in the Deaf community who understand your social and cultural needs.

Let us help you on your journey to a life of health and wellness.

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