What is National Nurses Week? This year, National Nurses Week is May 6th – 12th, 2023. The theme is: Nurses Make a Difference: Anytime, Anywhere – Always. It couldn’t be truer. This week and every day, Lifeline Connections is beyond grateful for all of the hard-working nurs

Be more active Although winter weather is still here, there are many ways to be more active and to become even healthier; both physically and mentally. With that comes improved focus, better sleep, and it simply helps you be happier. Pick a fun activity Pick an outdoor activity a

Better self-awareness can help happiness and self-esteem During times of heightened emotions, a healthy debate can spark rage, leading to insults that have nothing to do with the original subject. Although it is possible for two people with differing opinions to have a healthy di

Honoring those that are Black and in recovery Many individuals are Black and in recovery that you may not know about. As we continue celebrating and honoring Black individuals’ achievements this February it’s important to celebrate those that are black and in recovery. Wh

Better self-esteem is in your hands Confidence and security naturally help with better self-esteem. However, it can feel as though everyone is surrounded by the portrayal of perfection. Which can make it hard to feel content with our own lives. Low self-esteem can compound severa

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