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Mental Health Outpatient Services

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Mental Health Outpatient Services

We provide comprehensive mental health services throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to creating lasting mental wellness for our patients and offer an integrated, holistic treatment approach that includes therapy, case management, and other support services. Our clinicians specialize in the treatment of mental health conditions. As your partner throughout the treatment process, Lifeline Connections will help you take the first step toward a life of clarity and stabilization.

Recovery has had many faces in the past for me, and today I have one face. It is so rewarding to see a positive future. To be the person I was in the past but healed. Thank you.
– former patient

Our healthcare professionals are trained and can provide:


The assessment is the first step in your treatment journey. Our caring team of professional counselors will complete an assessment to identify what level of treatment is recommended. This is what’s used to create your individualized treatment plan and begin your recovery journey. Please see a location page for specific hours.

Open Access gives our community members the option to walk-in for assessments during designated days and times.

Case Management

Our team of caring professionals will coordinate care with your primary care physician, social service providers and other systems to best meet your needs.

Medication Management

Your recommended treatment may include medication. We work with you to access a medication evaluation for psychiatric prescriptions. The team of professionals works with you to reduce symptoms caused by a mental health condition.

Individual Therapy

You will work with a therapist on mutually agreed upon goals to increase your well-being and mental health.

Family Therapy

Our professional clinician works with you and your family (significant other and/or children) to promote healthy relationships, improve communication and improve the overall well-being of all individuals in the family.

Peer Support

Our Peer Support Specialists (someone with similar lived experience) work in conjunction with the mental health team, providing referrals to community resources with the goal of supporting you on your road to recovery.

Take the first step by scheduling an assessment.

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