Windhaven Veterans Program

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Windhaven Veterans Program

Windhaven Veterans Program

The Windhaven Veterans Program uses an evidence-based curriculum specifically designed for U.S. military veterans living with PTSD.

This group offers an alternative treatment option for those that have not benefitted from or who may avoid traditional therapy. In equine-assisted therapy, participants don’t need to re-experience past traumas but instead explore how to manage normal physiological responses to stressors as they arise in the present moment. Learning skills from the horses offers people experiencing PTSD the opportunity to gain confidence in managing distressing experiences without being hijacked by memories or future thoughts.

In addition to reducing the symptoms of PTSD, the program nurtures well-being, develops confidence, supports empowerment, enhances communication, and reduces stress. Our own data from Windhaven Veteran’s Program reveals a reduction in anxiety, detachment, pain, irritability, fatigue, and an increase in energy.

2-4 active duty or veteran military personnel engage in 90-minute, weekly sessions, for 8 consecutive weeks. These services are offered at no out of pocket cost to active duty and veteran personnel.

Quotes from past participants in the Windhaven Veteran’s Program

“I don’t think I’d still be alive if it wasn’t for this place.”

“I was able to let go of my burdens and embrace my ability to succeed.”

“I’m finally recognizing myself again.”

“Thank you for creating a space where I can share that everything is not okay, but where I can also still be okay.”

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