Key Staff & Board

Executive Team + -

andrea brooks
President & Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Brooks, MSW, LSW

Kinh Reynolds
Chief Financial Officer

Kinh Reynolds, BA; Accounting and Finance

Vice President of Outpatient and Community-Based Services

Brandy Branch, LMHC, SUDP

jen logan
Vice President of Residential Services

Jennifer Logan, LASW, LMHC, SUDP

Vice President of Quality Assurance and Corporate Compliance

Remi Smith, MSW, MBA

arianna kee
Vice President of Crisis and Stabilization Services

Arianna Kee, LMHC, SUDP

Management Team + -

Ashley Oakes, MSW, LSWAIC
Program Director
Crisis Services
(360) 397-8246 ext. 34004


Brianna Dalton, LMHC
Program Director
Community Based Treatment Services, Clark County
(360) 397-8246 ext. 31206


Cayla Rauh, BS, SUDP
Program Director
Recovery House
(360) 594-0550


Dan Jass, MA, LMFT
Program Director
Child & Youth Services
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30229


Program Director
Substance Use Disorder Men’s Residential Services
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30411


Esther Lloyd, SUDP
Program Director
Withdrawal Management Services
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30216


Gina Van Dyken, MSW
Program Director
Recovery Support Services
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30287


Heather Talbott, BS, SUDP
Program Director
Therapeutic Specialty Courts
Outpatient Services
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30296


Jeri Mortimore
Interim Fund Development Director
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30548


Julie Grendon, MS, MHP
Regional Program Director
North Sound Region
(360) 397-8246 ext. 33108


Kara Seibert, LICSWA
Program Director
Healing Animal Partners
(360) 397-8246 ext. 31204


Kaylee Collins, LPN
Program Director
Medication Assisted Recovery
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30483


Marika Wolfe, MD/MPH
Medical Director
Board Certified Family Medicine
Board Certified Addiction Medicine


Tandy Slaton, SUDP
Program Director
Substance Use Disorder Outpatient Services
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30542


Raychele Kate Keeney, BSN, RN
Nursing Services Director
(360) 397-8246 ext. 34003


Sarah Wasilk, SUDP
Program Director
Women’s Recovery Center
(360) 397-8246 ext. 31306


Trista Brietenbauch, MHP, SUDP
Program Director
Mental Health Services
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30229


Victoria Nita
Operations Director
(360) 397-8246 ext. 30552

The Board of Directors + -

Brian MacKenzie – Gunn Law Firm PLLC 


Vice President:
Brian Barry – Contract Consultant


Matt Lee – CPA, Opsahl Dawson


Anita Johnson – NW Regional Safety Manager, Performance Consulting, Inc.


Rusty Williams – Cost Management Services


Kassandra Early – Self Employed Business Contractor


Harry White III – Waddell & Reed, Inc.


Robert Poole – Retired Psychologist

CCBHC Advisory Board + -

Member: Randy Strutz


Member: Tracey Jennings


Member: Sue Neal


Member: Tim Ranger


Member: Nicole Mallars


Member: Mardi Fitzgerald

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