Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Find your roadmap to recovery.

Since 1962 Lifeline Connections has served as the premier provider of substance use and mental health services in the Pacific Northwest. Through our diversity of programs and services available, Lifeline Connections is able to provide comprehensive care to those in need. We serve patients throughout the Pacific Northwest with inpatient programs based in Vancouver, Washington. With both inpatient and outpatient options available, there’s never been a better time to seek professional counseling and mental health services in the Vancouver, WA, area.

Our treatment center also offers substance use and drug rehab programs. Lifeline Connections provides an alternative to a methadone clinic through our medication-assisted recovery program. In addition to these core services, patients also have access to resources like parenting classes. The Pregnant and Parenting Women program provides additional support to individuals looking for family guidance and assistance.

Our inclusive, gender-specific inpatient programs allow individuals the opportunity to participate in group and family therapy, developing the skills needed to thrive in long term recovery. Whether your needs are long term or short, Lifeline Connections is here when you need us.

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