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ITA Inpatient

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ITA Inpatient

ITA Inpatient is a 16-bed program that provides behavioral health services to individuals detained on a mental health or substance use disorder involuntary hold.

Community members wishing to refer can contact 988 or Southwest Washington Crisis Line by calling (800) 626-8137 or via TTY (866) 835-2755. Requests to place someone on an involuntary hold are received by a Designated Crisis Responder (DCR) and typically come from Emergency Departments, law enforcement, treatment providers, family/friends, and community members.

Criteria for Detention:

Imminent risk of harm to themselves or others and/or grave disability. The length of time someone is detained is determined by the judge in conjunction with the treatment team and is discussed daily.

Initial Detention: 5 business days

Short-Term Commitment: 14 business days

Long-Term Commitment: 90-180 days

Exclusionary Criteria:

Individuals who:

  • Experience acute or chronic medical conditions that need hospitalization
  • Are Unable to safely evacuate during a fire
  • Cannot transfer from bed independently
  • Are unable perform ADLs (activities of daily living) such as eating, bathing, toileting
  • Have medical equipment that cannot be independently managed (tracs, medical equipment)
  • Present a high likelihood of violence or arson at the time of admission
  • Are a level 3 sex offender

For more information contact:

Ashley Oakes, LSWAIC, SUDP/T

P: (360) 397-8246 ext. 34004



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