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Animal Assisted Therapy

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Animal Assisted Therapy

We moved therapy out of the office and into an arena for the SW Washington region.

Equine-Assisted PTSD Therapy

This group is ideal for individuals who feel “stuck” and could benefit from an additional, alternative approach to treating the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In equine assisted therapy, we do not ask participants to re-experience past traumas but instead explore how to manage normal responses to stressors as they arise in the present moment. As prey animals, horses have a naturally heightened awareness of their environment and signs of danger and react strongly to a real or perceived threat, like those experiencing the symptoms of PTSD. Where we learn from horses is by watching how quickly they return to regulation after the threat has passed. This return to regulation allows participants to explore alternative coping skills to regulate themselves. People experiencing PTSD symptoms gain confidence in their ability to manage distressing experiences without being hijacked by memories or future thoughts.

This group is 90 minutes for 8 consecutive weeks. Sessions are limited to 3-6 participants.

Individual Counseling Partnered with Horses

Counseling partnered with horses offers experiential therapy as an alternative approach to healing from depression, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health conditions. Partnering with horses offers a unique opportunity to increase self-awareness, develop emotional intelligence, and create healthy interpersonal skills.

Our team of mental health professionals, equine specialists, and healing horses create a safe and confidential space for you to enhance your wellbeing. Counselors employ therapeutic interventions and develop individual service plans based on person-centered goals.

Mindfulness with the Herd

Mindfulness is a widely used, evidence-based practice that reduces stress, increases emotional regulation, improves sleep, and diminishes pain.

Our mindfulness group will assist you to find anchors to the present moment that can be used in your daily life to reduce stress and increase overall well-being. Horses are always aware, but never judge.

This group is ideal for those who have experienced challenges with traditional mindfulness practices or need additional coping strategies.

Mindfulness with the Herd is an open group held on Saturdays from 2:30pm – 4:00pm.

Recovery with Horses

Recovery with Horses is for patients that are in a substance use residential treatment program. Sessions are hands-on and allow participants to engage in real-life experiences that promote healing, growth, and change.

Our horse partners allow for unique interactions and learning opportunities. The combined team of a mental health professional and equine specialist aid in processing relevant barriers that impact recovery. Participants also enjoy the team building aspects with their co-participants and equine partners, often leaving the session in a better space, surprised by the impact of the experience.

These services increase awareness of unconscious behavior patterns, develop self-confidence, stress management, and assertiveness skills that lead to higher success in relationships, careers, school, and parenting.

Recovery with Horses is a weekly, 90-minute group session with a maximum of 15 participants.

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