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What Happens When You Quit Drinking Part 1 of 12

Why quit drinking?

A person doesn’t always have to have a problem with alcohol or a dependency to decide to quit drinking. Ivy, a working mom who is married decided to quit in part just to see what health benefits she may experience, but also to help give her children a better example as they enter pre-teen years.

This 12-part series documents Ivy’s journey over 2024 and the changes she goes through when eliminating alcohol from her life.

The first week

Almost one week has passed since she decided to quit drinking. Here are the things she notices immediately.

  1. Higher level of alertness upon waking
  2. More vivid dreams that are easier to recall
  3. Thirstier at night
  4. Skin stays hydrated easier

Alcohol was never a large part of Ivy’s social life, but she does soon begin to wonder what that will look like and feel like in the coming weeks and months, especially as spring and summer approach when more social functions are available.

Each month, Ivy’s journey will continue to be documented as part of a 12-part series. In addition to showing the everyday benefits of giving up alcohol but also to let those that may not face alcohol use disorder that there are a lot of positive reasons to quit.

Do you or someone you know want help with a substance use disorder?

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