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Tips to Encourage Alcohol-free Gatherings

How to encourage alcohol-free gatherings

Alcohol-free gatherings seem to be very rare these days. Whether it’s a professional gathering or hanging out with friends why do the terms “happy hour” always seem to equate with alcohol? If you want more alcohol-free options here are some tips below to help.

Offer to meetup for coffee or lunch

Typically people don’t associate meeting up for a cup of coffee or tea with alcohol, so this one is almost guaranteed to be alcohol-free. For example, most coffee shops don’t serve anything but non-alcoholic drinks; just coffee, tea, water and perhaps smoothies. In addition, suggesting lunch also implies no alcohol.


Generally speaking when it comes to any type of physical exercise, alcohol doesn’t go hand-in-hand. So suggesting a hike is a good bet because most people automatically associate water as a beverage to have when moving outdoors.

Other challenges

When you attend after work hours events such as networking functions or work-related fairs, you can’t guarantee it will be alcohol-free unless you are the one planning the event. In these situations many people may assume you want an alcoholic drink or ask why you aren’t having a glass of wine.

Be strong and gracious at the same time. This is many years of learned behavior. One popular response is simply “I like to be at my best during these functions” or “I’m working to be as healthy as popular and eliminating as many empty carbs as I can.” There aren’t a lot of people that will argue with that, in fact they’ll likely admire it and you don’t have to always go into the story or assuming that you’ll tell your story of “I’m in recovery” if you’re not ready.

Do you or someone you know want help?

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