Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment Program

Take time for you

Breaking free of substance use takes work. You’re building new skills, developing coping mechanisms and learning to love life without substances. Our residential program offers a nurturing place to focus on your journey.

During your stay, you’ll be surrounded by well-trained clinicians who understand what you’re going through—and care deeply about your success. They’ll support you every step of the way with help, encouragement and opportunities to empower yourself.

Custom treatment plan

Your initial assessment will help us develop a treatment plan that’s unique to your needs. Residential counseling includes psycho-education and individual therapy, plus recreational and social activities.

Wellness tools

We don’t just treat substance use—we treat the whole person. We’ll help you cultivate wellness with services such as yoga, massage therapy and pet therapy. You’ll also have access to an exercise room as well as the local community center.

Gender Specific Programs

Substance use affects all segments of the population and yet we know that every person’s situation is unique. Men and women are inherently different, of course, and their bodies process substance differently.  Our gender specific treatment programs can offer a feeling of safety that is not found in a mixed gender environment. Our men’s program is located in the Center for Community Health Building on the VA Campus while women are welcomed at the Women’s Recovery Center about one mile away.

Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Program

Mom’s parenting children birth to five years of age are welcomed into this homey environment for a six months stay where they can focus on treating their substance use disorder while receiving mental health, parenting classes, basic life skills classes, family support services and therapeutic childcare.  You will learn and practice skills that will help your children thrive and grow.  We are here to give you the tools you need to raise healthy beautiful children.

Smoke-free setting

Keeping our residential programs smoke and tobacco-free is another way we promote your overall wellness. We’ll help you get any supports you need to avoid smoking.

We accept most forms of insurance—find out what your coverage includes.

Ready to take the next step?

Drop in for an assessment  where you will meet one on one with a licensed professional counselor. At the completion of this conversational session you will know what level of care is recommended just for you.

Walk-in for an assessment:

Main Campus Office (Vancouver):
Mon – Thurs noon – 3:30pm
Youth – Friday 9am – noon & 1pm – 3:30pm

Aberdeen Office:
By appointment only, 360-787-9319

Bellingham Office:
Mon – Wed noon-3:30pm – substance use only
Youth – by appointment or Mon – Wed noon-3:30pm

Camas Office:
Mon – Fri 9am-3:30pm – mental health only
By appointment only, 360-524-7924

Centralia Office:
By appointment only, 360-388-4048 – mental health only

Mt. Vernon Office:
Mon-Wed noon-3:00pm – substance use only

Orchards Office (East Vancouver):
By appointment only, 360-397-8246 – substance use
Tues & Thurs noon-3:30pm – mental health 

South Bend Office:
By appointment only, 360-787-9319- mental health only

We are always available via phone, email or via instant message right here on our website.

Phone: 360-397-8246 ext. 30500


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“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have been in an inpatient treatment center. Being given an opportunity to get away gave me the best shot I was going to have at staying sober.”

– Alex R.