Mental Health & Co-Occurring Outpatient Treatment

Get to the root of the problem

Many adults who have a mental health disorder also have a substance use disorder. Our clinicians are trained to help with both. We believe to heal one, you’ve got to heal the other.

Lifeline Connections is one of the few mental health outpatient centers capable of treating co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. With locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, our holistic approach helps individuals with a dual diagnosis achieve balance and stability in their lives.

It’s common to have both mental illness and substance use. Our counselors care deeply about your healing and will support you in discovering and building on your inner strengths. Only you can do the work, but you’ll have the help of highly skilled peer support specialists, mental health professionals, case managers and psychiatric prescribers.

Custom treatment plan

Your initial assessment will help us develop a specialized course of treatment for your needs. Your plan may include a combination of individual and group therapy and other mental health programs to help you work toward your healing goals.

Peer support

Individuals with shared experiences can help each other heal. Working closely with peers recovering from mental illness has been nationally proven to boost success.

Wellness skills

Build new skills for maintaining balance and tranquility. You’ll have opportunities to learn about:

  • Managing symptoms
  • Conflict resolution
  • Grief and loss
  • Healthy relationship development
  • Building social support
  • Self-advocacy
  • Money management
  • Housing
  • Employment


Lifeline Connections offers free monthly aftercare classes to individuals who have completed our outpatient programs successfully. Contact us for dates and times.

We accept most forms of insurance—find out what your coverage includes.

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Walk-in for an assessment:

Main Campus Office (Vancouver):
Mon – Thurs noon-3:30pm
Youth – Friday 9am-noon & 1pm-3:30pm

Aberdeen Office:
By appointment only, 360-787-9319

Bellingham Office:
Mon – Wed noon-3:30pm – substance use only
Youth by appointment or Mon – Wed noon-3:30pm, 360-524-7924

Camas Office:
By appointment only, 360-524-7924 – mental health only

Centralia Office:
By appointment only, 360-388-4048

Mt. Vernon Office:
Mon – Wed, noon-3:00pm – substance use only

Orchards Office (East Vancouver):
By appointment only, 360-397-8246 – substance use
Tues & Thurs noon-3:30pm – mental health 

South Bend Office:
By appointment only, 360-787-9319 – mental health only


Clark County Locations: 360-397-8246 ext. 30500

Aberdeen/South Bend: 360-787-9319

Bellingham/Mt. Vernon:  360-922-3030


[email protected]

hope. help. Healing.


“Recovery is a long journey and has had many faces in the past for me. Today I have one face, it is so rewarding to see a positive future.”

– Sue C.


For more information, contact [email protected] or 360-397-8246 ext 30500.

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hope. help. Healing.