Art of Recovery Gallery

Medicine Bottle by Jansen Niccals









A medication bottle to remember your daily medicines, with the national suicide hotline printed on the label, in memoriam of Keith William Savage.

Fluidity by Kelsey K.

art of recovery


A flip cup pour using turquoise, purple, black and yellow!

Blue Dreams by Jennifer King-Cole









Mixed Media Paint pouring in shades of blue.

Recovery Revolution by Lusk – HOLY SPIRIT INSPIRED

Outerverse by Phreecazoyd

art of recovery

Paint pouring.

Connection African by Gillen

art of recovery








Acrylic pour neon

The Places I Go/Cover the Bad Parts by Julisse

art of recovery

Originally created in 2015, it was one of the last pieces I painted before getting clean and sober. I hated looking at it, I felt it held a lot of my negative energy. In 2019 I painted over it, softened the hard edges until I found healing within it.

Crisis by Adam G.

Remembering the dark times. Homelessness, addiction and a deep disdain for my God.

Mag Basket by Linda Harbaugh

I made this basket from recycled magazine pages.

My Safeplace by Linda Harbaugh

Water color pencils and paint pens.

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