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Tips to Reduce Anxiety

How can you reduce anxiety?

Do you want to reduce anxiety? It’s something that many of us experience, sometimes daily. Financial obligations, jobs, family responsibilities and the worry that there isn’t enough time in the day can cause us to feel anxious.

Over time, anxiety can take a toll on our mental health and physical well-being. To cope with the daily stressors that can cause anxiety, it’s helpful to have activities to relax. Although this is healthy, for those that have had past substance use disorders, the desire to relieve anxiety can resurface old impulses. Luckily, there are many easy, healthy ways to reduce anxiety. Here are four tips to reduce stress.

Meditate to reduce anxiety

Spend a few minutes to meditate each day. Research suggests that meditation can alter your brain so that you are more resilient. To meditate, just sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Then close your eyes and try to quiet your mind. Focus on positive thoughts or mantras. You can also use this time as quiet reflection. Meditation can either be done quietly or by reciting out loud.

Listen to music

Music is linked to lower blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. Soft classical music can help you focus your mind and relax. Or, if you’re looking to blow off some steam, you can rock out to your favorite rock songs, releasing stress by singing along and jamming out.


When a person exercises it can quickly reduce stress. Not only does it release feel-good endorphins, but it can help ease depression and anxiety. All types of exercise can be good for your mental health, whether it be running the treadmill at the gym, going for a walk or dancing. Just get moving.

Do what you love

In our culture, we tend to prioritize work and productivity while downplaying leisure activities and play. When a person simply does something just for fun that may not seem ‘productive’ is often perceived as trivial, frivolous or even lazy. However, free time is anything but trivial. In fact, having free time to enjoy leisure activities is crucial to our mental health and well-being. Doing things like playing an instrument, reading a good book, playing sports, or even just drinking coffee are wonderful ways to nurture our mental health. It is completely ok to take a little “self-time” to decompress.

What if you are still have high anxiety?

Lifeline Connections is committed to long-term mental wellness for our patients. We offer an integrated, holistic approach that includes therapy and case management. Our doctors specialize in the treatment of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. They work to solve ones that have a compounding effect. Contact us and reclaim your life.

Contact a doctor for a referral or find a therapist. They can work to design a custom plan for wellness.  Secure treatment is over the phone or computer with telehealth, providing coping skills for grief, loss, depression and anxiety. They will work with you one-on-one to get you feeling better.

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  • Lisa Wilson

    I absolutely 💯% owe Lifeline Connections and some of the most AMAZING individuals who work there my deepest of gratitude’s! On May 18th 2019 I walked into the Lifeline Connections office in Vancouver, Wa. I actually started in the mental health department and was referred to a counselor in the MAT program. That counselor’s name is (Tandy Slaton) and she is a major factor as to why I am still sober 3 years, 2 weeks and 2 days later! She is so knowledgeable in her job and she really goes to the end of the earth for all of her clients. She helped me get through so much, my kids, my Moms illness and then ultimately her passing, always checking in with me and Now I say sober but that is my sobriety date for “Opioids & Methamphetamine” but getting sober from weed was a whole lot harder than I had ever anticipated it being lol like it wasn’t a problem… until it was a problem and then I couldn’t quit to save my life. I was in IOP 4 days a week, caring for my Mom who was dying from cancer, providing around the clock care for my her and responsible for making all decisions regarding her health and the care she was receiving, the meds she was taking, and making sure all my Moms bills got paid, all the while my older brother kept coming over trying to fight with me… DRAMA pffft!!! But Talk about Stress!! Fresh into my recovery & I wanted to run away and get completely tore up… But I didn’t, I kept going back… day after day, week after week, and month after month until I got it, until I got the message!! Thank you Lifeline Connections & every single person that worked with me (You know who you are) You all helped me get ME back and for that I am eternally grateful! My Mother got to see me get sober and celebrate 9 months before her passing in February of 2020 and now she watches from above and I just know with my whole heart ♥️ that she is SOO proud of me and how far I’ve come!! I can feel her warmth all around me, and quite often I see those “White Butterflies” fluttering all around me too!! Today, I am Thankful, Grateful and Blessed. Today I am sober, I am a productive member of society, I work 40hrs. a week, and I try to be the best version of myself! I’m far from perfect, but it’s about progress, not perfection… right?! Enjoy life, love one another, and Be Kind!!💜🙌🤗💞

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