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Summertime Alcohol-free Drinks

Alcohol-free drinks

Are you looking for alcohol-free drink recipes or ideas? Summer can offer much more opportunity to be social with friends but with that can bring triggers for those that no longer drink and are in recovery. This is because many people drink regularly at BBQs and other social events.

To help with this, we’ve outlined a handful of refreshing, alcohol-free drinks that you can enjoy this summer and many of your friends that do drink alcohol will love as well!

Honeydew and Cucumber Slushy

These naturally cooling ingredients aren’t too sweet and are high in B vitamins.

4 c. honeydew

2 ½ c. coconut water

1/3 c. mint leaves

2 tbsp fresh lime juice

½ cucumber peeled and cut into chunks

Blend all ingredients with around two cups of ice and to make your drink look pretty, garnish it with a cucumber slice.

Agua Fresca

Agua Fresca can be a yummy treat and are incredibly versatile with whatever fruit flavor you choose to use. In addition to that – they’re easy to make! All you need is your favorite fruit chopped, water and a blender. Some people like to add sugar, however it’s not necessary and is much healthier without it.

4 c. freshly chopped fruit

3 c. water

1 lime (juiced)

Mix all the ingredients in your blender until it’s smooth and strain it through a fine mesh strainer into a large pitcher.

Cranberry Limeade

2-3 c. water

2-3 c. cranberry juice

1 ½ c. lime juice

This is an easy recipe to change-up as well. If you prefer something carbonated than swap out the regular water with either soda water or lime flavored sparkling water.

Non-Alcoholic Blackberry Mojito

1-2 c. Club soda

1 tbsp. lime juice

6-7 mint leaves

Handful of fresh blackberries

Smash and shake all of your ingredients together and you can serve garnished with a blackberry or mint leaf. You won’t even notice it’s alcohol-free!

These are just a few examples of how easy it is to create a fun, non-alcoholic drink for summer. The possibilities are endless and we hope you enjoy them!

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