Children & Youth Services

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Children & Youth Services

When our younger population begins to enter adulthood, they experience a lot of change and stress, both at home and at school. Many don’t have the skills they need to cope and to compound this; substance use frequently overlaps with mental health disorders.

Our program is designed to help children and adolescents address family issues, find success in school, establish new, healthy coping skills and understand what substance use and mental health disorders are. Our counselors provide a safe, confidential place to heal.

Lifeline Connections offers clinic-based substance use disorder outpatient treatment services for youth and partners with local school districts to provide school-based substance use disorder and mental health treatment services. Lifeline Connections also works with criminal justice-involved youth (see therapeutic specialty court webpage) and provides a year-round camp for children (see Camp Mariposa webpage).

To reach one of our trained clinicians, email or call (360) 397-8246.

Substance Use Inpatient Services

Our inpatient treatment programs are individualized for each patient and offer a nurturing place to focus on your journey to wellness. We provide a safe, structured environment for you to start your road to recovery. Our residential programs include education classes and individual, group and family therapy, plus recreational and social activities. At Lifeline Connections we believe in holistic care so some of our residential programs provide yoga, pet therapy and access to an exercise room and trips to the local community center.

During your stay, you’ll be surrounded by well-trained and licensed clinicians who understand what you’re going through and care deeply about your success. They’ll support you every step of the way with help, encouragement and opportunities to empower yourself.

We offer gender-specific treatment in different locations because substance use affects men and women very differently. Our men’s program is located in the Center for Community Health Building on the VA Campus in Clark County, WA and women are welcomed at the Women’s Recovery Center also in Clark County, WA.

Our overall focus is wellness so all of our residential programs are smoke and tobacco-free. We provide all the support you need to avoid smoking including lozenges and patches.

We accept most forms of insurance—find out what your coverage includes.

Let us help you on your journey to a life of health and wellness.

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