Recovery Resources

Substance Use Resources + -

Recovery resources including support groups, are one of the many tools utilized for those experiencing a behavioral health disorder. Some are in-person while others are available in a virtual format.


See what meetings are available in your community.

Other resources:

Warning Signs
Stop Overdose
Resources for Families Coping with Substance Use Disorders

Mental Health Resources + -

One in five adults experience a mental health condition along with over one in five children. Education and support are imperative to helping those individuals receive the treatment and healing they need. These can range from outpatient therapy to support groups and other resources found below.

Mental Health Support Groups

Other resources:

Resources for Families Coping with Mental Health Conditions

Mental Health First Aid

Disability Resources + -

Substance Use Disorder and Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals that experience a physical and/or mental disability can be at a higher risk of developing a substance use disorder. In addition, the effects can be worse.

Disability Resources provides a list of websites and recovery resources that focus on prevention and treatment.

Other resources: 

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