Substance Use & Mental Health Assessment

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It all starts with your assessment.

To help you figure out your next steps, we need to know where you’re at. Your initial assessment tells us how we can best meet your unique needs.

Our caring team of professional substance use and mental health counselors will complete a thorough assessment to determine what level of care you need to get your life back on track. Depending on where you are in your journey, we may recommend any of the following services:

If you need residential treatment and we don’t have space available just yet, our pre-bed group will help you stay focused on your healing with activities every Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m. We also encourage you to stay in close contact with our admissions team while you wait for your bed placement.

Take the first step.

Drop in for an assessment during our walk-in assessment time. No appointment necessary.  Before you leave you will know what level of care is recommended and likely have an appointment set for your next visit.

Walk-in for an assessment:

Main Campus Office (Vancouver):
Mon – Thurs noon-3:30pm
Youth – Friday 9am-noon & 1pm-3:30pm

Aberdeen Office:
By appointment only, 360-787-9319

Bellingham Office:
Mon – Wed noon-3:30pm – substance use only
Youth by appointment or Mon – Wed noon-3:30pm, 360-524-7924

Camas Office:
By appointment only, 360-524-7924 – mental health only

Centralia Office:
By appointment only, 360-388-4048 – mental health only

Mt. Vernon Office:
Mon – Wed, noon-3:00pm – substance use only

Orchards Office (East Vancouver):
By appointment only, 360-397-8246 – substance use
Tues & Thurs noon-3:30pm – mental health 

South Bend Office:
By appointment only, 360-787-9319 – mental health only

We accept most forms of insurance. Find out what your coverage includes.

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