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Benefits of Smoking Cessation

Its common knowledge that tobacco causes cancer and creates problems for those around you that don’t smoke created from second hand smoke. But what are the other benefits come from smoking cessation that are a bit more tangible?


Within 48 hours of your last cigarette, your heart rate returns to normal. Additionally your ability to taste and smell restores and your risk of disease is already starting to reduce. Fast forward five years and your body could be completely healed of the damage tobacco caused. Your lung will have more strength and the risk of cancer is incredibly decreased.

Not only will you feel better, but you will look better. Your skin’s elasticity is greatly affected by smoke and the constant use of your mouth causes early wrinkling. Your color will come back and your hair and nails will become stronger and healthier as well.


One of the reasons why many people are reluctant to take the next step to smoking cessation is anxiety about withdrawal. If you are a long time smoker, it’s likely that stressful situations seem relieved by a cigarette. But cigarettes don’t necessarily have any mental health benefits. They merely stave off withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms will pass and lessen as each day goes by. Additionally, the feeling of accomplishment and freedom will be there to stay.

Other mental health benefits include better memory, less irritability and better problem solving skills.


It may seem small but when you spend $8-$10 per pack each day that adds up to over $3,000 per year spent on cigarettes. When you do start to quit, try putting that money in a jar or separate bank account. Then, when you hit your important milestones, take that money and spend it on something really nice for yourself. Take a trip, buy something you didn’t want to spend the money on or register for a fun class.

Besides the money, there are other benefits that will no longer restrict your social life such as a pregnant friend, someone sensitive to smoke or looking for a place to smoke. Additionally, the smell of tobacco can make some nauseous.

We want the best for all our clients. We provide smoke-free environments in our support groups and we focus on the overall wellness of our patients. If you or someone you know is working through a mental health disorder, or needs substance use treatment, please contact the professional team at Lifeline Connections. You can visit, our Services & Locations information or call (360) 397-8246 for more information. We offer mental health outpatient programs customized plans for your needs. Some may include individual and group therapy, peer support and opportunities to learn various wellness skills.



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