April 2022

Do AA slogans help with stress? AA slogans really can help, not just with your recovery but with stress. It’s not about chanting or anything that may seem unusual or uncomfortable. In contrast, AA slogans are there to help you focus and keep you mind and your heart in the right

What are the dangers of Fentanyl? There are many dangers of Fentanyl and we are seeing them all over Washington State and the US. Once of the biggest dangers of fentanyl is that it’s impossible to know how much is within each dose, pill or powder. Fentanyl is a potent synthetic

How can you be social without alcohol? You can be social without alcohol and still have as much fun, or even more with a few easy tips. It helps to be prepared before you decide to meet up with friends or go on a date. When you’re in recovery the more tools you have in [&hellip

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